February 24, 2016 | Source: bizjournals.com

Slideshow: PBS Hawaii to move into new headquarters in April

The $17.5 million renovation of the PBS Hawaii’s 31,000-square-foot studio should be ready for staff to move in this April, the designers behind the project said this week.

Group 70 International’s Vice Chair and Principal-in-Charge of the Interior Design Division Sheryl Seaman gave PBN an exclusive tour this week of the facility, located at the intersection of Sand Island Access Road and Nimitz Highway.

The former KFVE Newsplex has been redeveloped and expanded into the new two-floor PBS headquarters.

“This project has been challenging because video broadcast is changing so rapidly,” she said, noting some changes were made between design plans and the actual ground-breaking in November 2014. Initial plans for four satellites were downscaled to two, as a fiber optic cable will also service the facility.

Design elements are “bright, whimsical and cheerful,” says Seaman, noting each department will be painted a different color.

The facility’s perimeter will include an aluminum bris soleil, or sun shade, designed to include Hawaiian plants including kalo (taro), kukui (candlenut), ulu (breadfruit), and the ipu gourd.

The new headquarters includes three TV studios, two of which may be seen through glass windows in the front lobby.

“Transparency was important to PBS Hawaii,” she said. “There are no secrets — it’s all out there for everyone. We’re a family, we share information and we are here to educate.”

PBS Hawaii’s Learning Zone and its student news program Hiki No will also have dedicated space in the building.

The nonprofit has raised 90 percent of its $30 million capital campaign goal for the project.


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