March 15, 2021 | Source: Hawaii Business Magazine

Celebrating Women in Leadership: G70 Associate Principals on their Foundation for Success

At G70 we strive to build and nurture a culture where diversity and inclusivity is not an initiative it is the way we operate… it is WHO WE ARE.

We strive to ensure that those who come to work for us are set for success.

In March, Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day is recognized around the world. In honor of this, we share some thoughts and advice from our G70 Associate Principals:

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Tracy Camuso, AICP

I am truly grateful that G70 invested in my professional growth that has made me one of the female leaders within the company today.

Advice: Be BRAVE. Become an expert in your field and share your knowledge with clients and your team. Your efforts and your voice will make projects stronger and more thoughtful, leaving an imprint of your work on our island home.


Kellye Greco, IIDA

In a company culture in which anyone can have a seat at the table, I am honored to continue this (tradition of having females in prominent roles of leadership within the company) for the next generations.

Advice: Be steadfast in your thirst for knowledge; don’t be stagnant or complacent. Have confidence in yourself, in your design, in your work, and in your team, to keep pushing on.



Rene Matsumura, D.Arch, AIA, LEED AP

It is the most rewarding feeling to see young families and first-time homebuyers moving into new housing and living out a vision for a place which you helped create.

Advice: Find great mentors who are willing to have candid conversations and share with you not only their successes, but also their struggles and failures. Personal and professional growth will occur when you extend your inner circle to include people that challenge your perspective with their differing views.

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