April 16, 2024 | Source: Hawaii News Now

This laboratory on Oahu’s North Shore is introducing young women to ‘the world of STEM’

A state-of-the-art STEM learning camp recently opened on Oahu’s North Shore.

The Camp Paumalu STEM Center for Excellence held its first camp in 2022.

Dr. Kanoe Naone, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Hawaii, says the mission is to encourage more of Hawaii’s young girls to explore opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math.

”We introduce Girl Scouts of every age to the world of STEM to help them see the many ways they can actually work to improve their world. Whether they’re discovering how a car’s engine runs, learning how to manage finances, or caring for animals,” said Dr. Naone.

The 135-acre living laboratory is located deep in the forest above sunset beach. There are many camp opportunities and girl scouts who attend have the opportunity to learn from leaders in all types of industries.

The organization has partnered with companies and agencies like NASA, SETI Institute, Raytheon, Palo Alto Networks, and The North Face.

Naone says Girl Scouts of Hawaii welcome the opportunity to share this special place with young women and other community members.

”We explore so much at our camps — all year long! STEM activities, outdoor experiences, and Girl Scout traditions all play a part in our experience. Troops from across the country and across the globe are welcome to explore what’s possible. Our camps are also available for private rental use,” added Naone.

For more information on the STEM Center for Excellence at Camp Paumalu, click here.