June 16, 2021 | Source: Hawaii Business Magazine

Providing Thoughtful Land-Use Planning For Hawaii’s Unique Islands, Culture, and People for a Sustainable Future

Here at G70, we strive to create new places in Hawai’i that bring energy and life to our communities, sustain and grow our economy, and steward our precious resources. Our kuleana was built on the foundation of our belief in the community (aloha kekahi i kekahi), and will continue to helm the work we do within our islands. We pride ourselves in our dedication to not only listen, but to understand and integrate the cultural values and history of the places we are creating and envisioning.


As  planners, we are responsible for not only answering the questions of how people will live, work and play in a community, but ensuring we ask questions that protect the vitality and quality of our island home, maintaining it for generations to come . Without proper planning to preserve the existing natural environment, unsavory elements such as urban sprawl may occur and lead to the destruction of important areas such as natural habitats, agriculture, and open spaces.


As we continue to plan for the future and address the challenges of climate change, we must focus on planning for resilience, including higher storm frequency/intensity, wildfires and the inevitable effect of sea level rise in urban settings, such as Waikīkī, critical infrastructure/roadways in our communities, transportation facilities, coastal fisheries and habitats, and the care and protection of iwi kūpuna (ancestral remains). Environmental studies must include understanding the direct impact of these types of scenarios to our island environment and seeking solutions that are equally diverse in their perspective as the solution necessary to address them. As one example, G70 is dedicated to a detailed investigation of a new project’s contributions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and mitigating actions to reduce GHG.


G70 engages with clients and and communities to embrace an island response to resilient planning. G70 brings both an ability and desire to comprehensively address the care of our island home through innovative approaches to sustainable architectural, planning, and engineering design.

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