Mālama Market at Puna Kai Shopping Center

Pāhoa, Hawai‘i

G70 embarked with the client, Sullivan Family of Companies to create a new space, diversifying the typical marketplace layout. The creative process allowed both the team and Client to craft a venue and setting on a design, market capture, and provided amenities and offerings that would be a reflection of the community of Pāhoa. G70 provided full design services for the new grocerant marketplace located in the new Puna Kai Shopping Center development. The project includes a supermarket (produce, dry, bulk natural, seasonal) with prepared take home & cook foods, meat & seafood, dairy, frozen, bakery, coffee & juice bar, prepared food stations with prep kitchen, back of house storage, loading dock, guest and staff restrooms, and indoor seating.

Awards: BIA Hawai‘i, New Commercial - Projects more than 15,001 SF, 2021

Client: Sullivan Family of Companies

Location: Pāhoa, Hawai‘i

Size: 33,485 SF

Completion: 2021