Makaīwa Hills

Kapolei, O‘ahu

Makaīwa Hills will be a 4,100-unit residential community in the Wai‘anae foothills of Kapolei, O‘ahu. The project includes low and medium density residential, apartments, on-site affordable housing, mixed-use areas, and educational facilities. A commercial and retail Town Center will also be integrated into the community. Approximately 60 percent of the project area is planned for open space and recreational uses. The land plan, which will be implemented in four phases, integrates natural features of the site such as plateaus, gulches, and large contiguous open space areas. G70 collaborated on the Master Plan, completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and change of zone.

Client: Makaīwa Hills, LLC

Location: Kapolei, O‘ahu

Size: 4,100 units