May 11, 2015 | Source:

Hawaii sustainability leaders to meet Friday at PBN panel discussion

Here’s are the latest PBN scoops on the people and enterprises who will be on our Leaders in Sustainability panel event this Friday in Downtown Honolulu:


Ulupono Initiative, along with Henk Rogers, recently invested $400,000 into a local startup, Ibis Network, which sells smart outlets businesses and individuals can use to make more informed decisions about their energy use. Ulupono managing partner, Murray Clay, will be on our panel.


Blue Planet Foundation last month supported a state effort to help condos move more quickly toward installing the infrastructure needed to charge electric vehicles. The foundation’s CEO, Jeff Mikulina, will be on our panel.


Architecture firm Group 70 International, a leader in designing for sustainability, recently spoke at one of our closed-door roundtables meetings with the newsroom. Thi Friday, the firm is represented on our panel by Jeff Overton, principal planner.


Re-use Hawaii believes up to 80 percent of any demolished building can be salvaged and recycled instead of sent to the dump. Its co-founder and executive director, Quinn Vittum will be there Friday.


As rooftop solar has slowed on Oahu recently, PV firms such as RevoluSun have been at the forefront of expanding to new markets. That’s likely something we’ll want to hear more about from COO Colin Yost on Friday.


Definitely people you want to hear from, even pose a question to yourself. Register here to attend on Friday, at 7:30 a.m., at the Plaza Club. The mixing and mingling and pastry consuming starts at 6:45 a.m., so you can sustain your networking and your appetite as well. See you there.


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