December 9, 2014 | Source:

Hawaii Forest Institute Receives FLEX Grant

The Hawaii Community Foundation through its FLEX Grants program recently awarded $28,000 in grant funding to the Hawaii Forest Institute. The Hawaii Forest Institute is Hawaii Forest Industry Association’s nonprofit corporation.

The FLEX grant funding is courtesy of multiple Hawaii Community Foundation funds including Group 70 Foundation Fund, Hokulia Community Fund, Susan M. Kosasa Fund and the Rev. Takie Okumura Family Fund.

Hawaii Community Foundation’s FLEX program supports high-performing nonprofits that demonstrate the importance of their organizations to the community, capture and use information to continually improve their programs to better meet their mission, describe the impact of their programs and demonstrate financial stability.

FLEX funds may be used for administrative expenses, program expenses and small expenses.

“We are extremely grateful to the Hawaii Community Foundation, Group 70 Foundation Fund, Hokulia Community Fund, Susan M. Kosasa Fund and the Rev. Takie Okumura Family Fund for supporting our mission of promoting the health and productivity of Hawaii’s forests,” said HFI Executive Director Heather Simmons. “The various fund’s foresight will ensure a green future for Hawaii’s keiki.”

Two of the grants came with specific conditions. The Hokulia Community Fund grant is restricted to support programs and projects benefiting West Hawaii while the Rev. Takie Okumura Family Fund grant supports healthy development of Hawaii’s young children and youth.

Hawaii Forest Institute and the Hawaii Forest Industry Association recently launched its MAHALO AINA: Give Back to the Forest Campaign to plant more trees and to ensure that native forests are here for future generations.

The MAHALO AINA program was designed to help support native seed collection and storage, propagation, planting and long-term care of seedlings, site maintenance, and educational programs. In addition to planting trees, the program supports total ecosystem management, provide forest stewardship opportunities and environmental and cultural education on Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii Island.

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