April 1, 2015 | Source: Building Industry Hawaii Magazine

Building Industry Magazine Interviews Ma Ry Kim

Ma Ry Kim, principal and design director at Group 70 International, was dreaming big by the age of six. As a first-grader at Enchanted Lakes Elementary School in Kailua, she witnessed a classmateʻs father build a small model. She learned the word, “architecture” and says, “From that day I wanted to be an architect and I never wavered from that.


“Later, my grandad, being a very Korean man, asked, ʻWhat is it in architecture that you do?ʻ I said, ʻGrandpa, I’m going to build buildings.ʻ His response was, ʻGosh, it’s too bad you’re not a boy’ –because this is a male profession… I grew up in the shadow of that type of tradition.”


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