February 6, 2015 | Source: tahiti-infos.com

Aquakita Remains Committed to the Mahana Beach “as Things Progress”

PAPEETE, February 6, 2015 – The management of Aquakita Mexico responded to our questions about the status of their investment plans in Polynesia. The investor remains for the moment engaged on the project Mahana Beach, but would be willing to invest in private land if ever resort to several hundred billion too slow to break ground for reasons “legal and political”.

To recap, the project in Polynesia of the company that presents itself as “the world leader in water parks” consists of a 5 hectare park overlooking a three-star hotel, to drain the tourism of other islands of Polynesia and the Pacific . All represent an investment announced between 2.5 and 7 billion French Pacific francs for now.

There are some days, Aquakita even announced to have found happiness by buying the site of the former hotel Tahara’a to build a large water park including a slide down the entire tip to the Beach House, and renovation of the hotel. The transaction was scheduled for late February.

But on Wednesday, bombshell: the Hawaiian architects Group 70 announced having successfully raised to 315 billion Fcfp investment for Tahiti Mahana Beach, including among Aquakita its investors, Mexicans even adding a “Tahitian Village” at its theme park and a hotel.

“We will go to Tahara’a only if the Mahana Beach is not done”

Rody Sanchez, “Director desarollo internacional” for Aquakita assures us by phone (we joined Europe while waiting for a plane to Los Angeles ) that: “You know our business, we build parks and attractions, and work with groups of investors on international projects We saw the opportunity to create a water park in Tahiti before the Mahana Beach and we did. steps to seek common ground. Thereupon came Mahana Beach that interested us. But since the political change, everything slowed down, you know probably the reasons better than us. We also learn that the country n is still not own all the land of Mahana Beach, and it is unclear whether the new government really wants to go through. ” 

The preferred investment, he says, is for the moment the Mahana Beach: “We know very well Mr. Oda and respect very much, we also have relationships with other investors in the project, even if it n ‘ is not for me to tell you about them. ” With a big caveat: “If the Mahana Beach is not done too soon or we will go on private land.” 

Disillusionment Tahitian

But what private property? Because Mexicans believe less and less in their Polynesian dream: “We learned yesterday that there was actually a lot of problems on the Tahara’a, with banks in the land and the ongoing court proceedings.” The government’s lack of enthusiasm annoys also: . “We sent an email to M. Fritch it two months ago, and he has not responded All we want is a piece of land, we are ready to put the money immediately, and Tahiti really needs for its development. ” 

So the CEO of Aquakita Javier Perez, who was to come late February in Polynesia sign the redemption Tahara’a could postpone his trip. It will come only “when a project is ready, with a building permit signed.”

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