County of Maui Service Center

Kahului, Maui

The proposed service center office building will accommodate office space needs for the current County employees as well as projected growth needs through the year 2030. The new building will provide easy and identifiable public and county areas. The service center aims to work with nature for the benefit of the community. The overall approach for the construction methodology and choice of materials for the project is based on cost efficiency, ease of procurement, buildability and proven effectiveness and maintainability. The “L” shape of the building provides the county with a presence along Ho‘okele St. while protecting the main entry from wind. At the heart of the building are the entry lobby and feature wall, designed to establish a feeling of welcome for the community at large. The entry lobby spans vertically across two levels, directing views towards I‘ao Valley and Mauna Kahālāwai, the angle of the feature wall is aimed to direct views toward Haleakalā. The functional grill and trellis patterns flow mauka to makai. Individual panels along the façade are derived from the Koa‘e ‘ula bird, fish scales, the kupukupu furn, and Maui Niho. Interior and exterior floor and wall treatments along with interior lighting emphasize an origin point, a piko, in the central lobby.

Client: County of Maui Department of Management

Location: Kahului, Maui

Size: 62,000 sq. ft.

Completion: 2020