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We are thought leaders, technologists, cultural practitioners, visualizers, and members of the community, dedicated to the design and planning of innovative and community focused places. Within this diverse family, we support entrepreneurial and creative individuals who come to work each day aspiring to contribute to better lives and places. We are individuals who share this purpose for action, working side by side with friends and partners, our clients and community.

The G70 platform has operated as a robust ecosystem for 45 years.

About Us

Our process occurs as a dialogue to go beyond solving problems to finding solutions that unlock promise. We imagine futures, envisioning the strategies that empower people to create them. We engage in active listening, which helps to ensure that each of our employees, clients, and communities are heard. In turn, a deep sense of humility can be felt at G70. This directly impacts our communities, our clients, and the places we all share and love.

We are deeply invested in understanding and perpetuating the cultural and historical resonance of the places we influence. For decades, G70’s mission has been to create exceptional value for our clients and communities. This is achieved by aligning with our client’s dreams, projecting them with farsighted vision for a project’s purpose now and for the future.

The key to G70’s approach is our methodology and work plan. A high quality end product can only be achieved if we work together to focus on obtaining a clear definition of the product which you, the Client, are looking for. It is essential for the success of the project that the method of undertaking it and the organization of the team be clearly established at the initial stage.

About Us


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